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Defence Analysis is the monthly defence newsletter that has become a 'must read' publication in the UK and Europe. Launched in 1988, the key to its success has been the ability to tackle difficult subjects with in-depth analysis, and yet also with common sense writing.

The heart of Defence Analysis is simple: analysis. This means looking at defence topics from all angles, seeing what is important, what isn't, and then coming to conclusions about events and trends.

Defence Analysis covers subjects such as:

•  Defence budgets . Primarily European budgets, looking at procurement and budget trends.

•  Defence procurement . Following and analysing procurement programmes, seeing how they develop, and which bidders are winning or losing.

•  Defence exports . Analysing defence export data from leading worldwide players to see trends in all market areas and segments.

•  Defence markets . Analysing market sectors such as combat aircraft, special mission aircraft, armoured fighting vehicles, and warships.

•  Defence industry . Looking at the major players, and how they are working in the defence market.

•  Defence politics . Analysing how politics in different ministries and countries affect broad defence trends, as well as individual programmes.

Few subjects have not been covered in-depth by Defence Analysis at some stage, and few will stay out of our microscope.

News can be got almost anywhere: analysis is rare.


Francis Tusa is a defence journalist of over 20 years' experience. Starting at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, covering both Middle East defence and European defence topics, he branched out as a freelance writer on a wide range of defence and security matters. He has written for the Guardian, Times, Financial Times, Middle East Economic Digest, as well as for specialist defence publications including Defense News . He has also been broadcasting on defence matters since 1987, with ITN, various radio/TV outlets of the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and more recently as a regular contributor on Sky News. Most recently, to back up the unique nature of Defence Analysis , he established the first specialist publication on defence logistics/support affairs, Military Logistics International .


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