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February 2008

Cover Story :             UK Defence Industrial Strategy
Military Asymmetries and defence doctrine
Threat Watch: Emerging Threats
French Defence Export Statistics - trend analysis
UK Reaper UAV Procurement
UK Future Rapid Effects System - analysis
South West One: news and reports from Whitehall, Westminster, and their out-stations
European Defence Agency 2006 Defence Statistics

Defence Industry

Defence Aviation Repair Agency sale
French sales to Saudi Arabia
Eurofighter withdrawal from Norway and Denmark
Future Lynx costs
UK-France defence R&D cooperation in guided weapons
Franco-Italian torpedo JV
Australia: reconsiders F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
Czech Republic cancels Pandur deal
French artillery/AFV plans
Spain MARP purchase
Merlin helicopter costs
A400M support issues
Canada C-130J purchase - C-130J cost data analysis
UK dollar and euro spend
Anglo-French defence relations
UK budget obligations
French sales to India

January 2008

Cover Story :             UK Short Termism in defence planning
Threat Watch: Emerging Threats
Review of 2007
UK Procurement: Chinook, protected vehicles, operations costs
National Audit Office Major Projects Report 2007 - in-depth analysis
Who did well in the UK in 2007?

Defence Industry

UK helicopter out o service dates
French sales to Libya
UK protected patrol vehicle analysis
UK airborne capabilities
Challenger 2 retirements
Astute class SSN costs
Defence Aviation Repair Agency sale

December 2007

Cover Story :             The end of the Defence Industrial Strategy
Lord Drayson departure - in-depth analysis
Lord Drayson departure - effect on UK defence budget
UK Future Rapid Effects System - analysis
UK programme spend data - in-depth analysis of major projects
Baroness Taylor: the In-Tray from Hell?
Dollar exchange rates: the effects on transatlantic defence trade
South West One: news and reports from Whitehall, Westminster, and their out-stations

Defence Industry

Merlin helicopter costs
EADS and A400M problems
Defence Export Services Organisation disbandment: an explanation?
French failure in Morocco
Mastiff MRAP upgrade costs
UK deployment data
Saudi Arabia Russian helicopter procurement
UK defence imports from Israel
RAF air transport fleet use rates
UK strategic nuclear deterrent cost data
Switzerland soldier systems order
UK 155mm guided shell order





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